Mix media composition (straws – duff balls) – 28″X7″X4″

Kabbalah is the systematic overview of how existence functions at every level. From the microscopic to the macrocosmic, Kabbalah bestows wisdom and knowledge and consequently is at the root of all religions, sciences, philosophies, and arts.

According to Kabbalah, the Tree of Life with its Sephirots represent the 10 attributes/emanations through which The Infinite reveals Him/Herself and continuously creates both the physical realm and the chain of higher metaphysical realms.

Because I love to meditate upon the beauty and most importantly the meanings of the world’s ancient metaphors and symbols, I have created mixed media art work which focuses on Kabbalistic structures like the Tree of Life, the mystery of numbers and letters and other timeless marvels.

Their physical beauty and perfect geometrical designs never fail to attract the gaze of seekers and at the same time offer a beneficial voyage into our consciousness where all symbols are already embedded.

Delving into these spiritual symbols provides not only a healing process but it also allows different insights to emerge. These are essential to our development because they deliver messages from our higher selves and the Universe. We just have to be aware and listen.

Jaco Halfon